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We have friendly staff with more than ten years of expert knowledge to guide you every step of the way to a successful sale.

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It’s true what they say about a Little Caesars® Pizza Kit Fundraiser

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Whether it’s for travel, sports equipment, cancer research, or raising money for your prom, the Little Caesars® Pizza Kit Fundraising Program works. Coach Bruce Fundraising will provide everything you need for your sale at no cost. This includes brochures, sales posters, organizing your delivery and special prizes and bonuses. We make the process EASY by walking you through every step of your sale and providing you with convenient delivery directly to your organization. We offer a variety of family favorites in our beautiful brochure including a wide assortment of Pizza Kits, gourmet Breads Kits and scrumptious homemade quality cookie doughs. Check out our brochure to see for yourself why this is the #1 pizza kit fundraiser in the country.

Each year, Little Caesars® Pizza Kit Fundraising Program helps thousands of non-profit organizations and school groups raise millions of dollars for things that they need. We’d love to help your organization get started today!